2019-2020 offers

30 years of experience in teaching foreign languages are worth celebrating! We have taught more than 1000 students who got their certificates of foreign languages and this gives us the opportunity to make great offers.

Free evaluation!

Free registration!

Free Pre-Junior courses!

We want our younger students of 1st of 2nd grade to learn their first English words with the use of interactive material which emphasizes the use of multi-sensory music and theater in teaching. The course is taught by an experienced teacher. Classes begin on October 1st

50% discount on fees for A Junior students AND free books! We offer a 180 euro coupon and all 4 teaching books, as well as all the teaching material to our A Junior students. Classes begin on October 1st.

Offer for second foreign language

Only for our existing students, we offer supporting lessons of A1 level for the second language they are learning at school (French or German). Classes begin on October 1st.

Offers for students/adults (beginning October 1st).

Fast-track classes for IELTS and Proficiency from experienced teachers.

Three-month long adult classes, covering all levels, either for refreshing their English (Refresh program) or for certification. The cost of 270 euros covers 3 hours of teaching per week and extra training and support such as mock tests, pronunciation and speaking practice, webinars and other activities.

Professional development: teacher training courses

This program offers professional training to English language teachers who wish to expand their learning and their teaching skills as all improve their CV. This preparation covers the Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) which is given by the Cambridge British Council.

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