Programmes for Adults

We offer the best and the most interesting offers for adults wishing to perfect their English or obtain official certification, through three separate programs:

Fast-track classes for IELTS and Proficiency

Teaching is done by experienced teachers.


Three-month long programs for adults, covering all levels: re-acquainting themselves with the English language (Refresh program) or getting certification for their knowledge. The program includes 3 hours of teaching per week and further training such as mock tests, speaking practice, webinars and other activities.

Professional Development: Teacher training courses

This program is aimed at teachers of English wishing to develop their teaching skills and expand their CV with more training and teaching certificates. This program covers the Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) which is given by the Cambridge British Council.

It is a professional training course for people who are already teaching English and wish to become even better at their job with extra certification and more training. This certificate will improve your CV and your teaching skills, with the stamp of the Cambridge British Council.

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